Community Engagement

Listening and understanding peoples' concerns: key ingredients for community engagement and building relationships.

Health and Safety

Working with communities and company employees to reduce health and safety risks.


Training local communities to monitor local water resources.


Developing a community engagement plan with local employees.

Empowering local communities

Community-based Environmental Monitoring Committee.

Responsible Mineral Development (RMD) Consultants Inc.

RMD Consultants Inc. provides expert strategic advice, studies and on-the-ground support to the natural resource development sector and its stakeholders including government agencies, institutions, the financial sector, communities, indigenous peoples and civil society, in order to achieve successful, sustainable outcomes in natural resource development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We develop teams of specialists to cater to the needs of our clients and tailored to the nature, size and stage of development of their projects and the specific characteristics of their project locale.

Governments Agencies

Advice and Capacity Building for Responsible, Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources and Optimizing the Investment Climate for Attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

  • Maximizing value
  • Decreasing Conflict
  • Optimizing benefits

Natural Resource Industry

Strategic planning, advice and training on CSR at the corporate level and on-the-ground CSR support at project sites.

  • Optimizing value
  • Decreasing risk
  • Protecting your investment
  • Embedding good practices

Related Communities

Community engagement and development; training; prevention, management and mitigation of conflict.

  • Listening
  • Including
  • Empowering

Financial Sector

Identifying, reducing and managing CSR risk for project financing, property acquisitions and M&As.

  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management strategies