About RMD

Be part of the solution

RMD Inc. is a Toronto, Canada-based organization of professional consultants with extensive experience and specialized skills in the area of sustainable development and CSR as applied to the extractive sector and the governance, management and responsible development of natural resources.

Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.

John D.Rockefeller Jr


What We Do

RMD Inc. provides expert strategic advice, studies and on-the-ground support to the natural resource development sector and its stakeholders including government agencies, institutions, the financial sector, communities, indigenous peoples and civil society, in order to achieve successful, sustainable outcomes in natural resource development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We develop teams of specialists to cater to the needs of our clients and tailored to the nature, size and stage of development of their projects and the specific characteristics of their project locale.


The widespread commitment to and practice of responsible, sustainable natural resource development for the benefit of society and the environment.


To maximize the value of responsible, sustainable natural resource development.


Our Values

Quality of work, underpinned by our drive for excellence, innovation, competency, experience, skills, and education.
Integrity, guiding our business practices, our relationships with clients, those with whom we work and collaborate, and all involved stakeholders.
Transparency, based on effective communication, honesty, openness and accountability.
Respect for the beliefs, perspectives, cultures and traditions of peoples, and building consensus and mutual understanding among them.
Commitment and Passion, arising from our belief in the value created by responsible, sustainable natural resource development and corporate social responsibility.
Collaboration, with organizations and individuals as the means to minimize the impacts of natural resource development and maximize its potential benefits to societies, including strengthening economies, reducing poverty and raising the quality of life.
Contributing to society, through our knowledge and experience and assisting communities, companies, governments, organizations and individuals to apply best practices and resolve issues for the benefit of all parties involved.
Mentoring those who share a commitment and passion for this work and a desire to contribute their time and creativity to its evolution.